The company is trying to set up a huge network of integrated Auto Solution hubs across the city to enhance the overall experience of owning a car to optimize the cost of ownership. The company enjoys a superior position in solving various automation problems and to serve its customers to a large satisfactory level.
A rapid growth was witnessed in the company for serving their customers the most appropriate car luxury solutions for fulfilling each of their needs as well as business development with several highly qualitative facilities.
Our aim is to provide and serve all the auto related solutions under one roof for all brands. The company is highly trying to appeal to the widest network Automation service stations all over the city.

About Us

Mr. Vijaysinh Gohil

Mr. Vijaysinh Gohil, had begun his career as an Automobile Engineer in his own company and has played the most crucial role in upbringing VIJAY MOTORS to the global market. From bearing all the rocks to tasting success, from taking crucial decisions to managing the company, he has been the most effective and the powerful personality.
A Business magnate Mr. Vijaysinh Gohil founded the VIJAY MOTORS which is prolonging from 37 years. Due to his entrepreneurial efforts and vast experience, he has brought his company to high positing level. Mr. Vijaysinh enriched by earnings and his optimistic skills and among all other works, he is thoroughly ensconced in serving the customers the accurate automation solutions to a large extent.

Mr. Jayvantsinh Gohil

With the Masters in Business Administration (MBA), Mr. Jayvanthsinh Gohil is playing a Managerial and a supporting role in managing the company. He takes keen interest in solving all the automation problems or queries. He is still taking in efforts to become the asset of the company.
Mr. Jayvanthsinh is considered to have such a position in the Automobile industry purely because of his strength. He has taken his company to the heights of success by his intellectual skills. Due to his sound confidence and highly qualified skills, he has succeeded in serving his customers to provide them highly qualitative car servicing solutions and is still putting efforts for becoming the asset of the company.


Service & Repairing

VIJAY MOTORS is a series of maintenance procedure carried out at fixed time interval to satisfy its customers. The tasks which are commonly carried out during the servicing period include the following:

  • Replacement of all fluids and filters
  • Regular wear and tear components
  • Complete or partial service of the car
  • Car oiling and greasing

And also provide general services like:

  • General Check up
  • Battery Charging
  • Engine Tune up
  • PUC – Petrol, Diesel, GAS
  • Nitrogen Filling
  • Wheel Rim Repair
  • Washing

Computerized Wheel Alignment & Wheel Balancing

VIJAY MOTORS are the proficient provider of Wheel Alignment services to their clients. It is one of the most precise Wheel Alignment systems available in affordable rates. It reduces tyre wear and ensures that the vehicle travels straight and true, without pulling to one side.

Customers can approach us for Wheel Balancing services also. This is aimed at increasing the lifespan of all variety of tyres. Our services provide the clients with maximum driving stability, which ensures a safe experience.

JAY Carz Spa

We’re much more than just a car wash. Because we offer 100% professional Car Spa services along with quality vehicle detailing.
Here’s your chance to make your car sparkle and shine like it did when you drove it home for the very first time.
Jay Car Spa is the ultimate car grooming center that will make sure your machine/car to look perfect. Trained by using latest techniques, the team ensures the trust worthiness that the vehicle will always look like new!
The Car Spa Services are listed below.

  • Exterior Steam Wash
  • Interior Steam Cleaning
  • Glass Treatment
  • Under Body Coating
  • Polymer Coating
  • Teflon Coating
  • Machine Polish

OKO Puncture Solution

Worldwide famous OKO Puncture solutions help your vehicles to be free from punctures. If the vehicle causes any puncture due to any pointed object, OKO will instantly try to seal the puncture & will stop the air to go out.
Characteristics of OKO Puncture Solution:

  1. OKO is capable of repairing up to 30 punctures. With the help of OKO, the puncture gets sealed immediately on its own.
  2. OKO is applicable for all the tube and tubeless tyres of small and huge vehicles.
  3. OKO makes your travelling easy and comfortable up to 1, 40,000 kms.
  4. OKO, which is ISO-9002 certified, is currently being used for British Military Vehicles.
  5. OKO increases the durability of tube & tube-less tyre.
  6. Since 1978, the OKO Group manufactures the OKO Puncture Solutions which is situated in U.K. and South Africa.

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We at Vijay Motors always try to blend accuracy with affordability. Our offers are especially designed to give customers the maximum benefits.
If you haven’t approached us before; here are the offers for our new as well as existing customers. Book your service with us and enjoy the benefits.
Below mentioned are the offers provided by Vijay Motors:

1. AMC (Annual Maintainance Contract) is also avaialble. Contact Mr. Jayvantsinh on +91 987 958 1410.


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